Micha Koren

Micha Koren is a designer and 3D Artist. His family roots are in the Czech Republic even though he has lived most of his life in South Africa. He regularly travels between Europe and Singapore while managing international 3D visualization projects done with teams of artists in Asia. He completed his postgraduate degree in Architecture and has since been collaborating with architects in South Africa, France, Spain, and Singapore. Today his focus is on finding new ways of visualizing architecture for the Real Estate Industry. He says that the world is moving so fast that 3D images and videos alone don’t impress us the way they did 10 years ago. Today 3D cinema and interactive 3D city maps have pushed the bar to new heights. We must compete every day to keep pushing those limits, he says. Design, 3D visualization, and entrepreneurship are some of Micha’s biggest passions. He has won design awards, visualized dozens of architectural projects, created websites, and started online businesses. He especially enjoys extreme sports such as rock climbing, surfing, and mountain biking as these are excellent reasons to get out of the office. Micha’s favorite phrase is: “It's Always Achievable!”